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All songs printed here are the property of
"A Thousand Years"
copyright 1996 , 1999

Songs from the self titled debut CD

"A Thousand Years"
Co-Produced by ATY and Dave Fries
Executive producer Steve Flavel

Falling Down Again
When my favorite time of day Seems to pass me by
Funny how the best of things Only last awhile
Time slips by where does it go Taking time to watch it fall

Falling down again

When a love it runs astray Even though they try
Kiss the dawn that sets them free Even kisses lie
Fallen love where does it go tainted love will always fall


Fallen down'n out again Letting out a sigh
What's the meaning of it all What's the reason why
Will I know it when I die Wasting time to watch it fall

Angels in the Sky
In these times there I go Feeling all to shy
Oh my my then I find Dreams can pass me by

Dream like the Angels in the Sky

In these times there I go Head up in the sky
In my world there I know Lose your dreams you die

In these times there I go feeling all sublime
Oh my my then I find Memories far behind
Songs from the second release

"Warehouse Sessions"
Produced by ATY
These songs were recorded live off the floor with no multi-tracking or over-dubs

Killing Time
No lyrics available

There I Go
No lyrics available